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Encryption underpins everything. It is in everything in our digital lives.

We’re here to solve your encryption problems.

Our Story

QryptoCyber was conceived in an Irish pub in northern Virginia by a group of cybersecurity professionals trying to understand why it was so difficult for quantum cybersecurity firms to succeed.

We wanted to understand why they were struggling with such a huge threat looming over the horizon.

It had seemed obvious that something needed to be done, but few organizations were moving on it.

The First Step Was Too Hard: Discovery

What we figured out is that no one knew what encryption they were running. The daunting task of figuring out that first step left people depressed. It is a pain in the ass to do manually. 

Our founders had already been working on a tool that was similar enough to start with. From there we’ve grown the toolset to what it is today.

The Real Treasure Was the Friends We Made Along the Way

In building out QryptoCyber, we found those quantum companies that we could complement to build out an integrated stack that solved the whole problem.

Together we do more than we thought possible when we started out in the pub.

John Kindervag Was Right and We Were Wrong.

Early on we wrestled with zero trust.

We were convinced that quantum attacks broke zero trust and that they would disrupt zero trust programs. Completely unflustered, he said through a vendor: “Zero trust is a strategy. Quantum won’t break it. Zero trust will provide the framework to protect against Quantum attacks if they happen.” Well. Crap.

It took longer than we’d like to admit, but we came to understand we needed to build that framework.  Now we have the framework and we’re ready to make your quantum journey a lot easier.

Now we have the framework and we’re ready to make your quantum journey a lot easier. It took longer than we’d like to admit, but we came to understand we needed to build that framework.  Now we have the framework and we’re ready to make your quantum journey a lot easier.

*John Kindervag does not endorse us or probably even remember us. However, we mention it here because it represents a significant change in how we rebuilt our products to become a framework.

Headquartered in Washington DC

Headed by security veterans

QryptoCyber is a small start-up coming out of the MSSP space to help companies prepare for the post-quantum world right around the corner. Our team and our board are security veterans with extensive experience in building and servicing enterprise clients.

Organizations implementing a zero trust strategy that includes encryption will be prepared for the quantum future. Understanding your immediate risks today and future proof tomorrow.



Leader, advisor, mentor, strategist and experienced executive in the field of information security with a proven record of building security programs or consultancies and executing either on a global scale.

What I've Done:
    • Chief Information Security Officer
    • Chief Operating Officer
    • Chief Operating Officer
  • QLIK
    • Chief Information Security Officer
    • Chief Information Security Officer
    • Chief Information Security Officer




Cybersecurity executive with 35 years in technology.

CYBERSECURITY PRODUCTS: Six developed platforms
MSSP: Developed multiple products for MSSPs focused on cost-effectiveness and simplicity.
VP Sales Operations


Former entrepreneur and technology advisor with 20+ years of sales experience.

COMCAST: Senior Business Sales
EMPIRE COFFEE COMPANY (Acquired by P.J.s): Founder
GROUPSENSE: Threat Intel Sales
So this is weird

Quantum Entangled from Bonnie & Clyde?

At approximately 9:15 am on May 23, 1934 in Bienville Parish, Louisiana, the notorious gangster couple Bonnie and Clyde came to a grim end. They are believed to have murdered at least nine police officers and four civilians.

Peter Clay’s in law loaned his rifle to one of the officers that ambushed the crime couple. While that is interesting in itself, it turns out that, without ever realizing before forming QryptoCyber, John Gasquet’s grandfather was at the same place as a news photographer. We’re pretty sure they met at least in passing and now a generation later they’re together protecting today’s organizations.

Pete still has the rifle so maybe there’s something there…