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Zero trust is a strategy.

Encryption Quantum Cryptography is part of that strategy

Measure, Monitor, Remediate Cryptography.

QryptoCyber is an enabler to your zero trust program. We make it easier for you to manage your encryption and put you on the quantum resilient path.


Understand how your data is encrypted


Know what encryption is running on your network


Track what applications are moving data with what encryption.

Encryption must be at the center of your Zero Trust strategy

Continuous Verification of Encryption.

Legacy Zero Trust

Quantum Zero Trust

Measure, Monitor, Remediate Cryptography Using a Zero Trust Strategy

Zero trust is a strategy. Quantum won’t break it. Zero trust will provide the framework to protect against Quantum attacks if they happen.

John KindervagCreator of Zero Trust

Context is Key

We help you with finding all your encryption no matter where it is and building a roadmap for change. With its heavy reliance on cryptography, Zero Trust as we know it today is vulnerable to quantum risk.

Continuous Context

We view everything both in the context of your zero trust program and in your data. The DoD Zero Trust Strategy recommends: “Establish appropriate governance controls that continuously modernize the existing fragmented approaches to data management, IT modernization, and cybersecurity policies and solutions.”


Information without context is noise. We give you exactly the information you need when you need it. Understanding your immediate risks today and future proof tomorrow.

Zero Trust & Crypto Agility

How we help your zero trust program:

Define Your Attack Surface

Our fully automated scanning process will find encryption on 100% of data in motion and about 92% of data at rest.


With your overall program in mind, we can build your security enforcement policy and your post quantum roadmap

Least Privilege

Understand where crypto systems are in use and by whom.

Simple Mapping

QryptoCyber gives you context and confidence of your where your encryption is and its risk


Continuous automated monitoring will ensure you consistently verify your crypto systems.

API or Dashboard

Consume the data how you want. You can track your risk via our UI or API.

Too Easy? Yep.

Most parts of your zero trust program are frankly very hard to do. QryptoCyber makes Measuring, Monitoring and Remediating Your Encryption easy.
The catch?
We install hardware inside of your network.
Frankly, there’s no reliable way around that but you control the scans. Too easy.

“We make this simple as humanly possible but still keep everything in context of your zero trust program.”

Peter ClayCEO & Founder

Replace Nothing. Gain Everything.

QryptoCyber is an additive technology stack that bolts onto your existing infrastructure.

Designed to add context… not complexity.